ELG2023 - International conference

Greetings from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming international conference on Economics, Law and Government (ELG2023) to be held on September 28-29, 2023 at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We invite papers that explore the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a low-carbon economy in developing countries. We welcome original research papers and policy papers that offer insights into the economic, legal, and government aspects of inclusive green transition, as well as the potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of such transitions. The conference will be in-person, offering a unique opportunity to connect with fellow researchers and engage in fruitful discussions about the latest developments in the field of economics, law, and government.

We look forward to your contributions and participation in this exciting conference.

Important dates:

           - June 30, 2023:          Deadline for submitting an abstract or a proposal for thematic sessions

           - July 15, 2023:           Review result notification

           - July 20, 2023:           Deadline for the registration for a presenter and an early-bird participant

           - August 07, 2023:     Deadline for a full-paper submission and payment (all sessions)

           - August 21, 2023:     Full program publication

           - September 28 – 29, 2023: Date of the Conference

Registration will open during the Conference

You can also submit a paper or a proposal at: go.ueh.edu.vn/submission-elg2023

Guidelines for Submissions

To submit papers to the conference, the authors are required to provide an abstract with 500 words limit with a Word or Pdf file inserted from of document on the conference website. The abstract should include the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), introduction and objectives, methods adopted, main findings, conclusions, and references. The proposal should be written in Times New Roman font, font size 13, with 1.5 line spacing. The abstract or proposal should not exceed 500 words and citations should follow the APA formatting guidelines
Multiple submissions by the same author(s) are allowed, but each participant will be requested to present no more than one paper.

For updated information, please contact: go.ueh.edu.vn/elg2023